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Historical and archeometric study of two stained-glass windows of the Astorga Cathedral

Abad, M.P.A.,Poza, J.P.,Martínez, F.A.,del Águila, F.C.,Heras, M.G.,Villegas, M.A.

Ge-Conservacion, Volume 15, 2019, Pages 6-17


Abstract:The stained glass windows of the Astorga Cathedral have been studied from two representative examples: the windows of the Aparicion de Jesus resucitado a la Virgen Maria and the Apostol San Simon (16th-18th centuries A.D.). The historic and artistic study of such stained glass windows was accomplished and a selection of glass fragments was used to undertake the archaeometric study in order to obtain information on their production technology. Chemical composition of glasses, chromophores characterization and study of grisailles contributed to the archaeometric objectives. Different types of glasses, chromophores and grisailles were determined, which allowed the establishment of their possible chronology. Critical analysis of historical, artistic and archaeometric data demonstrated both convergences and divergences on chronology of glasses as well as the inadequate reusing of glass fragments during past restorations. © 2020, Grupo Espanol International Institute for Conservation..

DOI: 10.37558/GEC.V15I0.594

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