Últimas publicaciones de los grupos de investigación:

Evaluation of laser cleaning for the restoration of tarnished silver artifacts

T. Palomar, M. Oujja, I. Llorente, B. Ramírez Barat, M.V. Cañamaresd, E. Cano, M. Castillejo

Applied Surface Science Volume 387, 30 November 2016, Pages 118–127

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy study of silversmith pieces: the case of a Spanish canopy of the nineteenth century

Gómez-Morón, M.A., Ortiz, P., Ortiz, R., Martín, J.M., Mateo, M.P., Nicolás, G.

Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing Volume 122, Issue 5, 1 May 2016, Article number 548

Causes of scaling on bush-hammered heritage ashlars: a case study—Plaza Mayor of Madrid (Spain)

Freire-Lista, D.M.,Fort, R.

Environmental Earth Sciences Volume 75, Issue 10, 1 May 2016, Article number 932

Application of magnesium hydroxide nanocoatings on cellulose fibers with different refining degrees

MSierra-Fernandez, A., Gomez-Villalba, L.S., Rabanal, M.E., Fort, R., Csóka, L.

RSC Advances Volume 6, Issue 57, 2016, Pages 51583-51590

Heritage stone 4. The piedra berroqueña region: Candidacy for global heritage stone province status

Freire-Lista, D.M., Fort, R.

Geoscience Canada Volume 43, Issue 1, 2016, Pages 43-52

Electrochemical Fingerprint of Archeological Lead Silicate Glasses Using the Voltammetry of Microparticles Approach

Doménech-Carbó, A., Villegas, M.-A., Agua, F., Martínez-Ramírez, S., Doménech-Carbó, M.T., Martínez, B.

Gournal of the American Ceramic Society, 2016 ( en prensa)

Electrochemical characterization of biodeterioration of paint films containing cadmium yellow pigment

Ortiz-Miranda, A.S., Doménech-Carbó, A., Doménech-Carbó, M.T., Osete-Cortina, L., Valle-Algarra, F.M., Bolívar-Galiano, F., Martín-Sánchez, I., Del Mar López-Miras, M.

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 15 August 2016, Pages 1-16

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