Últimas publicaciones de los grupos de investigación:

Reseña: The conservation of sculpture parks

E. Cano

Ge-conservacion, Volume 14, 2018, Pages 84-85

Historical and archeometric study of two stained-glass windows of the Astorga Cathedral

Abad, M.P.A.,Poza, J.P.,Martínez, F.A.,del Águila, F.C.,Heras, M.G.,Villegas, M.A.

Ge-Conservacion, Volume 15, 2019, Pages 6-17

Comparison of the performance of a novel nanolime doped with ZnO quantum dots with common consolidants for historical carbonate stone buildings

Becerra, J., Zaderenko, A.P., Ortiz, R., Karapanagiotis, I., Ortiz, P.

Applied Clay ScienceVolume 195, 15 September 2020, Article number 105732

Funerary colors in Pre-classical Maya culture: the red pigment in the 19th tomb of Rio Azul (Peten, Guatemala)

Doménech-Carbó, M.T., Vázquez de Agredos-Pascual, M.L., Osete-Cortina, L., Doménech-Carbó, A., Guasch-Ferré, N., Vidal-Lorenzo, C.

Heritage Science Volume 8, Issue 1, 1 December 2020, Article number 47

Effect of sulfuric acid patination treatment on atmospheric corrosion of weathering steel

Crespo, A.Díaz, I.Neff, D.Llorente, I.Martínez-Ramírez, S.Cano, E..

Metals Volume 10, Issue 5, May 2020, Article number 591

Amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) in fresco mural paintings

Oriols, N., Salvadó, N., Pradell, T., Butí, S.

Microchemical Journal Volume 154, May 2020, Article number 104567

Safe limits for the application of nonlinear optical microscopies to cultural heritage: A new method for in-situ assessment

Dal Fovo, A., Sanz, M., Mattana, S., Oujja, M., Marchetti, M., Pavone, F.S., Cicchi, R., Fontana, R., Castillejo, M.

Microchemical Journal Volume 154, May 2020, Article number 104568

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